"We praise you and we thank you."

          God, our Father, when we think of all that you have done for us and still do for us each moment, but especially when we consider the immense grace you have granted us in your Son, we are filled with thanks and praise. You have truly called us out of dark­ness into the warmth and brilliance of your own light. Day and night, in all our activities, in all our thoughts, in all our existence, you are with us. In praising you and your Son, we also praise your Son's Mother who played such an important role in your mystery and who herself shares your concern for us.

          Help us to follow Mary in praising and thanking you. Help us to imitate her in saying that our soul magnifies you and that our spirit rejoices in our Savior. Fill us, as you did Mary, with your Holy Spirit. May our greatest joy be to join Mary in singing your praises forever. May our praise of her be a reflection of our praise of your divine majesty. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.



          REMEMBER, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, how greatly Our Father has loved you. He has chosen you to be the Mother of his Son, and has main­tained you faithful, the servant of the Lord all the way to the cross.

          Relying on Christ's choice from the cross when he made you our Mother, we pray you speak for us now that you stand in his presence.

          We praise you and we thank you. Take into con­sideration our requests and our needs . . . . .  Lead all men to the source of living water opened in the side of your Son and pouring forth for the life of the world hope and peace, mercy and salvation.

          Help us to live in his love and to do whatever he tells us. From the heart of your Son, our sole mediator, obtain for us the grace best suited to us, for which in union with you we thank him. Amen.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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