"Take into consideration our requests and our needs. . ."

          God, through your Son, you taught us to pray and to call you our Father. Christ insisted that we should come to him, and through him to you, no matter what our need or trouble. We have seen that his burden is not heavy. We have experienced in so many ways the rest he gives our soul. In giving us Mary to be our Mother, he also taught us to bring our requests and our needs to her. We know that she in turn prays to her Son on our behalf.

          Teach us, Lord, to pray. Help us to know you as our loving Father. Take away any fear we might have of approaching you in all our concerns. Like Mary, may we remember to turn to you at all times. Hear the prayers of our Mother on our behalf. May we know the power of her intercession and the depth of your love. We ask you this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


          REMEMBER, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the ineffable power which your divine Son has given you over his adorable heart. Full of confidence in your merits, we now implore your protection.

          O heavenly treasurer of the Heart of Jesus, of that heart which is the inexhaustible source of all graces, and which you may open when you please, in order to distribute among men all the treasures of love and mercy, of light and salvation which it contains, grant us we beseech you, the favors we solicit . . . . .

          No, we cannot meet with a refusal, and since you are our mother, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, favorably hear and grant our prayers. Amen.

          Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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