Our deliverance

Heaven and hell begin, in a way, on this earth. Here we can only begin to experience what they really are. Our alienation from God and from other people gives only a hint of what it must be like to be left entirely to ourselves forever. Our spiritual joys give only a hint of what it must be like to be one with God and in harmony with others forever. Nevertheless, the signs are there for those who are wise enough to learn from them.

In his compassion God reaches out again and again to draw us back from the edge of the pit. Sometimes our deliverance may be quite remarkable. One such impression is enough to convince anyone of us of what God is really like. When we have been delivered by God and know it, we are able to appreciate the need of others who are still at risk because of the way they live. It is then that the love of God urges us to give witness to what God has done for us, with the hope that they will hear and respond.


Thank you for delivering me, Lord Jesus. Help me to reach out to others with respect for their freedom but also with a deep and loving concern. Give me prudence and strength to work with you.

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