International Mission

The MSC have had a global focus since 1881; indeed the name includes Father Chevalier’s desire to act as messengers to people across the world.  From the South Pacific to Colombia, from Guatemala to Papua New Guinea, the MSC have worked to build chapels, clinics, and orphanages, as well as provide funds to support schools, health centers, and seminaries. Brother Jim Miller spent 29 years in Papua New Guinea.  He transformed lives by helping to build St. Joseph Training Center, teaching the people about budgeting, finance, and the environment, but most significantly, by spreading the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Parish Ministry

Parishes are a great place to find God’s love. As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, we are committed to discover and highlight God’s presence in any situation we encounter. One of the easiest ways to do this is in parishes. The parish setting makes it possible for us to reach many, many people: the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, the single and the married. Father Ernesto Caicedo, MSC, was a pastor in a very dangerous parish in Colombia for three years before being missioned to a new ministry in the United States, and being appointed pastor at St. Therese of Jesus Catholic Church in Aurora, IL. Father Ernesto impacts lives by “my simplicity, my love for my ministry, by welcoming and listening to the people.”


Whether serving in the military or at a hospital or in a prison, MSC chaplains bring an assure each individual that he or she is surrounded by God’s love.  Father Ioane Sigarara, MSC, is a military chaplain, “The frustrating thing about the Afghan war…we are not fighting the conventional enemy.  The Taliban hides among the populace…you never let your guard down.  It’s astonishing that soldiers can hear God calling them to deeper union with Him over explosions, gun fire, chaos, blood, and death. He is a God who cares about the minute details of our lives.  He wants to be found and desires to be in a relationship us.”


Our infirm and elderly MSC priests and brothers have devoted their lives in the service of the kingdom and, in their later years have taken on the ministry of prayer. Both priests and brothers who have served in ministries and been schooled in sacrifice and heartfelt concern, are now spending their days in prayer to intercede for people faced with suffering, loss, or longing to seek divine assistance on behalf of loved ones.

Life’s Healing Journey

The MSC provide weekend retreats or preach parish missions that introduce participants to a personal experience of God’s healing love, a complete spiritual renewal, a loving community to support them on their path, and an opportunity to minister to others.  The goal is to enable participants to develop a deeper relationship with God who loves them personally, unconditionally, and faithfully.  One attendee said this about the retreat, “I wanted to ‘get my act together.’  The practical help I received exceeded all expectations. Finally, after a 40-year walk with the Lord, I get it… God loves me, unconditionally, at all times.”

MSC Preaching Ministry

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart offer a pastoral service of preaching for parishes, parish groups, priests, and seminarians. Our band of preachers, available all year long, offer retreats in both English and Spanish.
Call us today at 630-892-2371 to talk about your parish or parish groups’ needs. We will work with you to develop and personalize the retreat to best meet those needs.

Retreats include (but are not limited to):

Life’s Healing Journey
Spiritual renewal based on the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Parish Healing (to deal with parish closing)
40-Hour Devotion
Men’s retreats
Women’s retreats