Pray With Us

Then he told them a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.

Luke 18-1

“We love as Jesus loved.”

Prayer Petition

Prayers strengthen our relationship with God. In prayer, we personally experience God’s love for us. Prayer also connects us to one another. By offering prayers to God for the needs of others, we are remembering and sharing God’s love for them. We invite you to write a prayer petition to focus on God’s love and the sharing of that love. Your intentions will be remembered in the prayers of our missionaries.

“We love as Jesus loved.”

The Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

May 25, 2019

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is a title given to Mary by the founder of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Jules Chevalier, as a special devotion in thanks for her help and intercession in founding the missionary order. The Feast Day of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart falls on May 26, 2018, and the novena for her intercession begins on May 19.

Fr. Chevalier also wanted to honor Mary’s unique graces and honors given to her by God over the heart of his son. The MSC entrust to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart all difficult, extreme and hopeless cases, both spiritual and temporal. Over the years, the devotion to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart has grown in religious orders and faith communities around the world.

“We love as Jesus loved.”

The Feast of the Sacred Heart

June 28, 2019

The feast of the Sacred Heart is reminder of God’s love for each one of us and his desire to be loved in return. It is celebrated the first Friday after the feast of Corpus Christi in June.

God became human. He became one of us, with a heart and a desire to be loved. Jesus is both human and divine. His entire human life was a visible expression of his divine love. He longed to reveal God’s love to humanity and to enkindle within them the fire of divine love and thus lead them to a union of love with God. The heart of Jesus is a sign of the immeasurable love of God for each of us.

Each month, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in the United States pray a novena to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart for a special intention taken from the Holy Father’s intention. To join us in the novena, simply set aside time to say the rosary each day during the dates below, for the intention listed for that month.

January 20-28

For understanding and mutual respect in the Christian-Muslim dialogue.

February 17-25

For overseas missionaries experiencing frustration or setbacks in their ministry.

March 12-25

For those struggle with forgiveness.

April 21-29

For the restoration of justice to the weak and the poor by leaders in commerce.

May 19-27

For those who witness to their Christian faith as widows and widowers.

June 16-24

For health care workers who serve the sick with the love of the Heart of Christ.

July 21-29

For a spirit of loyalty, honestly and friendship among those involved with sports.

August 18-26

For a responsible use of the various communications and social media.

September 22-30

For the spread of the Gospel among the cultures of the world.

October 20-28

For the respect needed to safeguard the integrity of creation.

November 17-25

For family, friends of loved ones who are sick of dying.

December 22-30

For the parents of newly baptized infants.