By Brother Warren Perrotto, MSC

JULY, 2019

Our 2019 Chevalier Hostel Bazaar was held on Saturday, July 13 at the Chevalier Hostel. It was a great success for people to enjoy band-music, dancing, buying woodwork and metal work made by our students at the Chevalier Training Center, and of course, drinking kava (grog). Remembering from last month, the Chevalier Hostel provides accommodations for disadvantaged young men who still desire to receive an education but whose parents or family face financial difficulties in meeting this need. Residents from Chevalier Hostel come from various family backgrounds, including those of physically disabled parents, single parents, broken homes and unemployed parents. Similarly, the Chevalier Training Centre is a vocational institute for underprivileged youths. Its mission is to “educate, train and empower young people to acquire education, training and skills for the betterment of life and to encourage under-privileged youths in their total human development, especially in areas of responsibility, morals and ethics, self-help, excellence, respect for religion and dedication to God and our country.” We netted $11,000 from this event, which will help support both institutions. Brother Kaake Ioane, MSC is the Chevalier Hostel Director and Brother Laisenia Nasevua, MSC is Director of the Chevalier Training Centre.

Brother Kaake Ioane, MSC
Brother Laisenia Nasevua, MSC

At our Monday evening social gathering on July 13, three additional members joined the MSC-Fiji Mission Office team. They are: Brothers Lotu Franiko, MSC, Kavuua Tonganibeia, MSC, and Tadeo Camaitoga, MSC. Welcome aboard Brothers! They will join the other members of the team: Fr. Tamati Sefo, MSC, Chairman; Br. Kaake Ioane,MSC, Director/Bursar; and Paul Atu Kaufuti, MSC.

Pre-Novice Director, Br. Colin Sinclair, MSC, and our pre-novices joined us at our Social Monday Night Gathering on July 15.

Br. Colin Sinclair, MSC
Brs. Teaibure Anuati-Amon, Tetabo-Tokinteakai, Arikiti-Jean-Paul, Papilio- Schwartz Pelenato
Brother Tadeo Camitogo, MSC-Kabuua Tonganibeia, MSC, Lotu Faraniko Tuloto, MSC

We have three new members appointed to the Pacific Union Mission Office. Brothers Lotu Faraniko Tuloto, MSC, Kabuua Tonganibeia, MSC, and Tadeo Camaitogo, MSC were appointed to the Mission Office on Monday, July 15. Congratulations Brothers!

The MSC started the Pacific Union Mission Office through the Australian Province to support the MSC missionaries from Australia. Its focus changed to supplying those places that needed clean water. During the 1990’s, an extension was opened here in Fiji. The office accepts requests from outer islands or local schools, villages, communities, etc. that need clean water. The Mission Office members evaluate the requests. If requests are legitimate and approved, they will contact Australia for the finances to purchase the tank. The tanks are then bought and delivered here in Fiji. The Fiji office supplies the base and pipes for the tanks.

July 16, we saw the arrival of Reynaldo Getalado, MSCP (Missionary Society of the Philippines), Vicar Apostolic to the Island of Nulzon, known as Msgr. Getalado. The good Father had applied for a New Zealand Visa to get an Italian Visa so he could attend the Conference of Bishops (CEPAC). In Italy, he will have an ad limina visit 25 September. The short time with us was also taken as Father’s holiday.

Fr. Reynaldo Getalado, MSCP
Visesio Tuli- Penetito Talafaaoti-Aminiasi Ravuwai-Visesio Tuli- Mataio Raimon

At the July 27’s community PRS Mass, presided by Vice Rector, Fr. Ulupano Okistino, SM, the students, faculty, and staff witnessed the installation of the the newly elected student council class officers: Congratulations go to, Penetito Talafaaoti-PRS Student President, Aminiasi Ravuwai -PRS Student Vice President, Mataio Raimon–Secretary–PRS Student Council, and Visesio Tuli-Diocesan College Vice President. Our prayers are with them.

In early July, yours truly was hired by the Pacific Regional Seminary (PRS) to help tutor English to the seminarians. Although most speak English, some have difficulty with writing skills. Their indigenous languages do not have the grammar structures that English has. Sometimes, I call, English vs. English between U.S. and British English. Interestingly, I was helping a student with his essay. I mentioned to him that a “period” needs to go here. The young gentleman typed the word “period.” I then learned afterwards, that they say, “Full Stop!” when a period is needed. I have 14 first-year students and two third-year students. I also have five of our Temporary-Professed Brothers for Spiritual direction.

When I first came here to Fiji, I frequently heard that there is a cold season. Of course, I was skeptical until the middle of July and August. The cold weather did, indeed, come to the point I am sleeping with two blankets on my bed. It does not get as cold as the States, but the temperatures go down to the low 50’s.

Ad Limina Visit This scribe forgot the actual date, but sometime in July our U.S. A. Provincial, Fr. Richard Kennedy, MSC was in Rome for his Ad Limina Visit with our Superior General, Fr. Absalón Alvarado Tovar, MSC.


Brother Warren professed his first vows on March 19, 1967 and made his perpetual profession of vows on March 11, 1973. He teaches English in Fiji.

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