Reflections for the Holy Week by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

By Fr. Steve Boland, MSC

(Pennsylvania Community)

Once again we enter into Holy Week. We remember the events that even now continue to give us hope for salvation, the life-giving death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year we enter into these days while we are in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Just as the disciples of Jesus were filled with fear and with doubt when confronted with Jesus’ crucifixion, many people have these same feelings today. Many people mourn the loss of loved ones because of the virus, just as the disciples mourned the loss of Jesus. We pray for all of these people. The shadow of the cross continues to fall on us all. Yet we believe that the cross ultimately leads to new life. Jesus entered fully into our lives, not sparing himself from any of the misfortunes that befall us. It is in union with Him that we have hope even at this time of fear and pain. When Jesus rose from the dead, he still had the mark of his wounds visible on his glorified body. May he help us to see that our wounds, when united to His, do not lead us to darkness, but to the new light of life. As we carry the cross with Him, let us pray for courage and faith. By His wounds we are healed.

When I was in Rome recently, we visited a lot of churches and cathedrals.  In one of the churches, a unique version of the nativity scene was on display behind a glass front.  In this display, you had to search for the manger scene.  Most of the display showed people pursuing their everyday activities, some…

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