By Fr. Steve Boland, MSC Holy SaturdayHoly Saturday always seemed to be for me like the day after a funeral for someone that I loved. Life seemed empty, as the grief began to thoroughly take hold. At least when I was younger I had that type of thought. It is still difficult to let go, but…

By Fr. Steve Boland, MSC Good Friday Death causes great grief and pain in the lives of most survivors. Indeed St. Paul calls death “the last enemy to be destroyed.” Yet in becoming fully human even to the point of dying on the cross, Jesus turns the ugliness of his death into something holy. Indeed in the…

By Fr. Joe Christy Yesudass, MSC Holy ThursdayMaundy Thursday – our Church invites us to the threefold celebration: 1) Jesus instituted the Eucharist. 2) Celebration of the Priesthood. 3) Washing of feet: Call to serve others.1. Eucharist: St. Ignatius of Antioch, was a bishop of Antioch. He was martyred in c. 110 at Rome. Ignatius was condemned…

By Fr. Joe Christy Yesudass, MSC Wednesday of Holy Week Readings: Is 50:4-9a, Mt 26:14-25 They insulted me and spit in my face The great French painter Henri Matisse died in 1954 at the age of 86. In the last years of his life, arthritis crippled and deformed his hands, making it painful for him to hold a paintbrush….

By Fr. Herman Pongatung, MSC Tuesday of Holy WeekWell, it was night. It is a stark image of the gloom of sin and rejection. The betrayer, Judas, is walking into the darkness – away from Jesus. Jesus knows the darkness that is living in Judas’s heart, knows what is about to play out. In that moment…

By Fr. Herman Pongatung, MSC Monday of Holy WeekPeople crowded. A loud voice declared clearly: “Why was this oil not sold for 300 days’ wages and given to the poor?” How amazing this generous people. They know how to be truly generous. Almsgiving! Yet, Jesus says: “Let her keep this for the day of my burial.”…

By Fr. Dave DeLuca, MSC Palm SundayThe palm that you will take to your home will be a reminder of the significance of your Christian vocation. It will eventually be turned to dust and used in Ash Wednesday liturgy. “Remember you are dust and into dust you shall return.” The palm becomes dust to direct our…

By Fr. Dave DeLuca, MSCHoly WeekOn the Evening of March 27th we begin the time of Holy Week. A Time of an Eternal Reality: The Passion and Death of our Lord and Savior. Cosmic time becomes Sacred Time. This truth becomes reality in the celebration of the Mass. This action is done every day. It…

Reflections for the Holy Week by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

By Fr. Ray Diesbourg, MSC

(New York Community)

It’s very quiet here on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Meteorologically the days seem longer and the nights shorter. But for many it’s also true psychologically—the days are long and the nights short. We would appear to be “wholly weak” were it not for Holy Week.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was hailed, loved and welcomed. Just a few days later he was scorned, hated and rejected. His experience can be a strength for us in dealing with the difficulties of life. If we join our crosses to his, we can expect resurrection as well. All this week, Holy Week, we celebrate the events that lead to our salvation.

As we deal with the magnitude of the coronavirus devastation, especially in larger cities, it’s important to remember the even greater magnitude of Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection. By conquering even death, Jesus made it possible for us to live forever. Now death can be viewed as merely a rite of passage, going from the limitations of earthly life to the fullness of eternal life.

May the Lord continue to watch over all of us.


Fr. Ray, MSC

Reflections for the Holy Week by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

By Fr. Ray Diesbourg, MSC

(New York Community)

Greetings from a very quiet rectory at 139 N. Kanady (Cape Vincent, NY).  Still…the sun rises, the birds sing and the crows caw, the sun sets in a flurry of colors. And we will soon celebrate that the Son has truly risen.

It seemed to me that a letter might be a good way to keep in touch with many of you during this time of coronavirus physical distancing. I like the idea I’ve heard about it being “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing.” We do need to maintain our social interactions, whether by phone, email, skype, Facebook, letter, etc.

As I’ve been reflecting on what has been going on the last few weeks, I was reminded of Jesus in the desert for 40 days (1st Sunday Lent Gospel). We are having our own desert experience. And like Jesus, we need to keep communicating with our God.

Thank you one and all; God bless you.

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