Thirty-third Sunday 2018

The End Is Coming

The original meaning of today’s Gospel may have referred to Jesus’s awaited return after the destruction of Jerusalem. It has an apocalyptic tone like that of Daniel in the first reading. However, the reading is not just about the end of all time. It can also refer to the need to watch for the Son of Man in the life-transforming events that we all continually face.

When we face new challenges, whether they be leaving our family and home or deciding to enter a life-long relationship with someone, or aging and retirement, or so many other decisive moments in life, we experience darkness and our earth shakes. When we face tragedies and losses, when someone we love dies, when tornadoes or earthquakes or fires destroy all that we had and worked for, our tribulation is great. Yet, in the moment of our despair, the Lord comes to gather us to himself.

The branch of our life, the branch of the fig tree, will sprout new leaves. We will discover new life in God’s presence. We let-go and trust as we in faith discover a new road ahead.

When the final end comes, the end of our days, hopefully we have learned to trust that there is nothing to fear and that gathered from the four winds we will enter into the new and eternal life the Lord has won for us.

By Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

© 2018 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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