The infant of Bethlehem appears weak

Jesus came on the first Christmas “to strengthen the hands that are feeble and to make firm the knees that are weak.” He will “say to those whose hearts are frightened: Be strong, fear not!” (Is 35). It is the human condition to “get in beyond our depth.” Many fancy themselves to be strong and “tough it out.” That may work for a while, but eventually the illusion collapses. Anyone of us who has gotten into serious trouble while relying only on ourselves knows the truth of this from experience, though not all will learn.

Jesus does not call to cowardice or a shirking of effort. He calls to a realization that the whole universe is, in fact, in the hands of his Father and in his hands. It is not a weakness in human beings to recognize who God is and who we are. It is a kind of common sense which, however, requires grace. The infant of Bethlehem appears weak but is, in fact, God.


When I follow your guidance, Lord, I am strong. There is no difficulty I cannot overcome in the power of your grace. It is then that I am able to be truly free and to rise above every challenge.

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