The journey of faith of the mother of Jesus

The journey of faith of the mother of Jesus had its joys, its sorrows and its glories. It is noteworthy that her joys were also her challenges. When she accepted the role of the mother of the Messiah she undertook a very difficult lifelong task. At the presentation of Jesus in the temple she was promised a sword of sorrow. During the finding of Jesus in the temple, when he was twelve, Mary was perplexed and had to ponder the event in her heart (Lk 1,2).

The passion of Jesus was reflected in Mary’s own heart. When he was desolate on the cross she was desolate at the foot of the cross. She saw in her Son the predicament of all of us who would follow. She saw a world that was suffering and she also saw its redemption.

Mary’s glory is entirely a reflection of the resurrection of Jesus. She is a mirror in which we can see what we can become, more humbly, because Jesus is raised and united with his Father.


I walk the same earthly path that Mary did. I pray, Lord, that I may walk it with faith and humility as she did.

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