Then I shall have nothing to fear

When we have a sense that Jesus has drawn near to us in our prayer it is natural to believe that he is approving us. If indeed he has drawn near, we can be sure only of his concern for us. Approval or disapproval have nothing to do with it. We may be judgmental about others and even about ourselves but Jesus has told us in the Gospels that he came as a savior rather than a judge. Eventually our lives will come under judgment. That moment is not now.

God has elevated our human natures by grace so that we can live forever with a divine life which is a life of love. In the judgment to come God will examine us on our love (Mt 25). That love is itself God’s gift. God will crown God’s own gifts. I cannot achieve anything lasting solely by my own effort. Only that which comes from and returns to the Lord will last. Now, in our prayer and work, Jesus draws us to his way of love by giving himself to us.


Lord Jesus, prepare me now for the day when I will come before you to answer for my life. Make over my heart so that it may be more like yours, a loving heart. Then I shall have nothing to fear.

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