To be a person of peace is a gift

To be a person of peace is itself a gift to our neighbor. When we are at peace inside, others feel safe and see the possibility of peace for themselves. They feel safe because they know we will not use them and abuse them. They see the possibility of peace for themselves because God shows this to them through us. That may be why houses of monks and nuns attract people. Most people don’t come merely to admire the architecture. They come to find peace.

We can carry peace into the middle of the bustling, hustling city, providing we have spent enough time near the Lord to absorb his peace. Only God can give what is divine, and only a peace that is divine can satisfy the human heart forever. That is why a quiet time, even a short one, is so important. Otherwise what good does running around in circles do for us or others? In our outreach to others’ needs, whatever they may believe their needs are, the greatest of all are love and peace.


Lord, you are my peace. I want to be peace for others in your name. Give me patience and perseverance in prayer, and fill my heart with your peace.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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