We are called to shape our world

In some degree all disciples of Jesus are aliens in a world which judges by very different standards. We are called to shape our world and yet the world is never ready to respond to the full message of the Gospel. What we can do is to live and act and speak in such a way that the ideals of Jesus will gradually be absorbed by those who do not yet understand. Jesus’ influence has extended even to worldly revolutionaries who proclaim human dignity, unaware of their debt to Jesus’ teaching.

Jesus asks us to manifest God’s justice and mercy in every place and age. We can be like the proverbial water which wears away the rock, little by little. It is a humble role, appropriate for disciples of the humble man of Nazareth. Our relationship with Jesus must be more than a private matter. We are sent to change the face of the earth, beginning with the world immediately around us.


I come to you in the silence and secrecy of my heart, Lord, to encounter your love in intimacy and to be strengthen by you to do your work in my world. Keep me faithful to prayer and the mission you have given to your disciples.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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