We do not need to go to the ends of the earth

In our relationship with God there is great danger in the extraordinary. Pride can so easily creep in: What a special person I must be to receive so special a sign from God! There are those who seek these things and, in fact, end up obsessed and troubled in spirit. God is free to act as he wills and may use extraordinary ways of communicating with us. However the seeking of what is extraordinary as a regular way of relating to God is deadly to the spiritual life. In addition to fostering conceit, the spiritual experiences can become an idol. Our human hearts need God, not a substitute, however splendid.

When on rare occasions God reaches out to anyone of us in a way that is unusual he wants us to use discretion. The test is: Does the sign make us more humble or more proud—in the long run, more peaceful or more disturbed.


Lord Jesus, I do not need to go to the ends of the earth to have an experience of you, for you are always in my heart. Protect me from spiritual self-deception and let me discover you within myself in the ways of ordinary prayer and daily life.

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