We have chosen a new way of life

Jesus said: “Try to come through the narrow door…” (Lk 13). The beginning of the spiritual life seems to be a narrow door, and so it is. There is a great deal of baggage which simply will not pass through it. Once we discard the baggage, however, the doorway is spacious and inviting for on the other side is a way of life which is free and full of hope.

We receive a glimpse of this freedom and hope not only from the inspirations of grace but also from what we can see in the lives of others who have discarded their baggage and entered before us. There is nothing so powerful as the example of people who have done what we are thinking about doing. That is the power of the saints. That is the power of ordinary people like ourselves who have chosen a new way of life and taken the steps to implement their choice. Only a burdened slave continues to be confronted with a narrow door.


You have led me through a narrow door, Lord, and now you give me the hope and the joy I need to follow after you in a new way of life. Form me into an example for others who are still deciding.

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