What makes the countercultural actions of Jesus true?

Jesus often spoke and acted in a way that was countercultural. He didn’t measure up to what people expected a Messiah to be. Being countercultural is risky. It can also be insane. We may be expressing not only a spiritual perception of our world; we may be working out our own private angers. What makes the countercultural actions of Jesus true? First, he didn’t confront for the sake of confrontation. It was a necessary means to an end; there is no indication in the Gospels that Jesus enjoyed confrontation. Second, he sincerely believed in what he was doing. He knew that he was speaking and acting in harmony with the mind of his Father.

The lesson for us is to sort out our motives, to pray and discern God’s truth and then to act with simplicity and humility. If we do this God will be with us and we will not fall into a trap of unjust anger or pride.


Give me courage, Lord, to speak and act in accord with your truth. Give me wisdom to know what you would have me do and how you would have me do it. May your peace be the setting and the result of my words and deeds.

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