When our prayer turns spontaneously to gratitude

When our prayer turns spontaneously to gratitude, that is a good sign. A grateful person is aware of having received a valuable gift. First, we show that we understand that what we have been given is indeed a gift. We acknowledge that our deliverance or other favor came freely from God. Second, we show that we appreciate the value of God’s gift. The spiritual has a high priority in our lives. Third, gratitude indicates that we have a loving, personal relationship with God.

The path of gratitude is safe. It is free from anxious self-concern, which is self-destructive in various ways, and it is free from complacency. Gratitude is given by the Holy Spirit drawing us on to a more perfect commitment. It is the doorway to greater spiritual gifts. Finally, if we are grateful we are far less likely to backslide than if we are not grateful.


Praise be to God for drawing me to Jesus and sending the Holy Spirit into my heart. I thank you, Lord, most of all for yourself. You are greater than every other gift, for you are the source of the love, peace and joy I desire.

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